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Keep Your Focus

With 2018 wrapped up, as always, there was no shortage of articles and surveys with predictions for the top concerns in spending on upcoming corporate technology.
Now that just about half of 2019 is completed, it’s a good time to look at completed projects, and initiatives for the remainder of the year to keep your yearly initiatives on task. 

Though these may not be a top concern for all industries, verticals or  departments, they have been a continuing concept throughout, and are listed in no particular order.

Risk Management
Managing Risk is often an oversight and may not be a top priority, but risk management programs expose the threats and vulnerabilities to your organization you might not be aware of.  After identifying the risks and critical assets of the company, you gain a better understanding of the techniques needed to protect and strengthen the security needed.

Security, on-prem or in the cloud has a lot to do with access regardless of architecture which may open you up for security incidents.  Security spans across multiple parts of the environment, from insecure programming techniques and identity access management to malicious insiders or outsiders. Preventing unwanted access is key to securing an organization’s assets. 

Emerging technologies
There will never be a shortage of technologies to help solve problems of an organization, and every vendor has unique characteristics as to why they are better than the rest.  Keeping up with emerging technology can help an organization modify their thought process or workflow to get to the same end result in a more efficient way.  While changes to the process may be easy to implement, the change to company culture the most difficult to overcome.

If none of the above listed items are a part of your upcoming initiatives, you may want to reconsider.  Taking a step back day-to-day challenges and looking at the long-term business health will allow you see more vulnerabilities that need more solutions, outside of traditional IT.