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Analytics on Flashblade

In today’s digital age, information has never been more important to both consumers and businesses alike. Those who choose to ingest and analyze the most information, will be able to facilitate better decisions, improve business operations, and see the best results.

In our context, we are talking big data and AI machine learning. Data is the fuel for AI and its changing, rapidly.

Let’s start from the beginning.  Deep learning was first used by the big data, hyperscale players, placing emphasis on revenue-generating operations. As the technology matured and its capabilities expanded, we moved into the age of voice, video filtering, and autonomous vehicles. This is where we start to see the appearance of speech recognition (image tagging, etc.) a deep learning application in itself (which is a subset of Artificial Intelligence). With vast amounts of data collected and analyzed, the accuracy of predictive analytics begins to take speed. Think about it, with ever-expanding data sets, we need a modern data platform to not only digest information at a high speed, but also access infinite probabilities.

Meet Flashblade, designed and tailored to be both parallel and efficient to handle new workloads. Purity, Pure Storage’s proprietary software, was created to enhance today’s analytics applications. Of which, those applications and use cases are becoming more necessary day-by-day. How can you take advantage of this amazing opportunity?

Meet WebHouse, a service-disabled veteran-owned business owned and operated since 1997. At WebHouse, we turn your farms of unstructured data into high powered engines that drive revenue. Not only will we help you drive profits and improve business operations, we will launch you into the forefront of the digital age.